What’s Your Excuse?
What’s Your Excuse?

I’m still figuring out how to juggle three children, a full-time job, spouse, sanity, and a workout. It is more complex than one imagines!

What is Your Excuse?

I remembered thinking it was difficult to have Baby Boy #1. Now that I have THREE BOYS, every day is like climbing Mt. Everest! Surprisingly, one kid now seems to be manageable!

Some females have the privilege of nannies; others rely on family assistance. Others, except the occasional local babysitter, have no suggestions.

Finding the time to juggle everything and still be YOU is difficult. Numerous comments flooded the Internet when Maria Kang’s picture became viral. She named the contentious photograph “What’s Your Excuse?”

To her credit, she looks fantastic, has three children, and finds time (or creates time) to exercise. I believe she is a role model — the majority of women should aim to be (healthy).

I did have time for myself after the birth of my first child since he slept, and I was a full-time SAHM (stay-at-home mom). Working out occurred as a result of time is available to me!

Then, when Baby Boy #2 came, I lost a bit of my motivation but continued to teach yoga. My second kid did not nap, and working exercise was rare with a part-time job.

Now that I’m working full-time and balancing the kids between daycare and home, ensuring I spend a sufficient amount of time with them and my husband, preparing their meals (and mine), and getting enough sleep to be safe, I’m having difficulty finding time to exercise. Or am I putting it off? (A glass of wine and a rerun of Scandal always seems to do the trick!!!).

Without a doubt, I’ve grown slothful. That is what a few nighttime awakenings will do to you. However, signing up for the bicycle phase of a triathlon a few weeks earlier provided me a cause to train.

Thus, this is what I have discovered to be beneficial when you have 30 minutes a day to spare and want to lose weight.

1. Make a Date in Your Calendar: Register for a race or event. Will focus your attention on a specific objective and a tangible outcome: crossing the finish line. I strongly suggest the following tracks: Pretty Muddy, Disney Princess, and IronGirl are among the characters.

2. Establish a Goal: Put on gym clothing as soon as the children are sleeping. If you are a full-time employee, make the changeover immediately upon returning home. Simply seeing oneself in such garments will make you want to sweat them out. Additionally, establish a goal such as, “If I exercise every day this week, I will reward myself with some nice fitness clothes!”

3. Workout AT HOME regularly: Only have ten minutes? There is no issue! eDiets has some excellent DVDs. If you’re at work, you can always use your lunch break to go for a stroll or even a high-intensity interval training program!

4. Set an Example for Your Children: Spend time outdoors with your children. While going for a stroll may not seem like much, it is. If you have the funds, invest in a jogging stroller such as a BOB or Bumbleride – or try your local secondhand store for lightly used options. In this manner, you may work out with your children. The majority of gyms provide daycare. It’s another beautiful option to get your fitness done while the kids are still around. Additionally, there is a high-intensity group fitness session called Fit4MOM that is accessible in almost every city. There, you’ll meet other ladies, get your exercise done, and yet be able to keep an eye on your children (NO EXCUSES, right?).

5. Be Accountable to Yourself: Consistency is critical! Once you’ve discovered an exercise that seems to fit your family dynamic, keep with it! You’ll see over many weeks that the more consistent you are, the faster the results appear.

So, what is your excuse?


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