SWAT Diet for Green Detox

Green Detox Easy Drop Diet
Green Detox Easy Drop Diet

Pure green food

Pure green foods with highly rich plant extracts may be utilized as an intelligent diet during the detoxification process—this kind of smart diet is based on the consumption of green foods. And you already know they must include cabbage, cucumber, kale, lettuce, and chard. However, this is not very beneficial in this wise detox diet.

Despite the “marvels of modern medicine,” human health is declining at an alarming pace in today’s globe. Several hundred years ago, a compromised immune system, different illnesses, and chronic degenerative disorders were uncommon and essentially afflicted the elderly. Chronic discomfort, exhaustion, indigestion, sleeplessness, hypertension, and rheumatoid arthritis

Numerous factors contribute to its evolution. Food of poor quality, high preservatives, additives, synthetic taste enhancers, polluted air and water, and a stressful lifestyle all contribute to the body’s pollution and subsequent deterioration of health. Toxins build and cause damage to the tissues, organs, and organ systems over time, resulting in excess acid in the body. It contributes to the development of several disorders, including diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and malignant conditions. Fortunately, a simple, sensible diet promotes quick detoxification and repairs the damage caused by toxins to tissues and organs.

The amount of pure organic chlorophyll in a solution.

Green food is a term that refers to food that has been cleansed from cereal grass juice, for example—green algae such as barley that thrive on the surface of clean oceans and lakes. The name “green” refers to the high concentration of pure organic chlorophyll, one of nature’s most potent blood purifiers and tissue cleansers required for all detoxification processes.

Milligrams of chlorophyll and hemoglobin in human blood has the same metabolic structure. The sole distinction is that hemoglobin is bound to iron and magnesium in chlorophylls. Hemoglobin is essential for oxygen transport via the blood; a deficiency in hemoglobin lowers the capability of the blood to carry oxygen. Chlorophyll is involved in forming “strong” hemoglobin and hence contributes to the detoxification process as a whole.

It has been shown to significantly speed up detoxification and elimination of toxins from the blood, liver, and intestines. A healthy diet rich in green foods may bind heavy metals (e.g., mercury), which are subsequently eliminated from the body in this bound state.

Green foods provide numerous essential amino acids that are required for cell reproduction and tissue and organ repair. During detoxification, pure green meals with highly concentrated plant extracts may be used as the only source of nutrition. It includes a high concentration of active enzymes and plant extracts. Its nutrients are rapidly absorbed into the circulation, where they are transported to the body’s cells.

Dehydrated juice of young barley leaves is one of the most often utilized kinds of green food and is often used for detoxification. Chlorophyll, nutrients, and an active enzyme are abundant in this composition. Due to the moderate alkalinity, it balances out the acidity caused by stress. Additionally, it is a true “energy booster” that aids in the reduction of allergy symptoms and boosts the immune system and metabolism.

Chlorella Algae

The term “green food” refers to various algal species, including Chlorella — single-celled algae that thrive on the surface of vast, unpolluted lakes and rivers. These plants are among the most widely distributed forms of life on the planet. They are the most protein- and amino acid-dense living matter (65% by weight of dry matter), as well as the highest source of water-soluble vitamins (B and C) and fat-soluble vitamins (A and E). B complex vitamins are critical for the liver, brain, and neurological system to rebalance. Chlorella is a well-balanced source of protein, vital amino acids, chlorophyll, carotenoids, vitamins, and minerals. Its thick wall cellulose is indigestible by humans, and it binds to and removes heavy metals and poisons from the body.

These algae are available in powder and tablet form at most well-stocked health food shops. The suggested daily intake is between 3 to 10g or around 1 to 3 tablespoons. This powder dissolves well in water, tea, or freshly squeezed lemonade.

The green sandstone

For a wise detox diet, it is essential to mention the green soil, which is dense with living things, has “natural intelligence,” the ability to distinguish, and an exceptional absorption capacity. Green clay is an organic compound that binds to organic molecules, fats, and metabolic waste products. Simultaneously, when taken orally, it releases trace elements and thereby boosts the metabolism of the body’s cells. We may explain clay’s powerful rejuvenating impact by its capacity to absorb and hold solar magnetism, which is then distributed throughout the application.

How to cleanse the body with green clay

Green earth must certify its products for oral consumption. These clays are sold as vented land.

Dilute a full teaspoon of vented green clay in a glass of water in the evening (uncooked best spring).

Avoid using a metal spoon or cup while doing so – the clay must not touch the metal.

Take the clay in the morning upon awakening and the evening or before bed. Alternatively, you may take the earth one hour before eating.

Take the clay as follows:

Week 1: Drink just water in the morning without interruption, and watch the precipitate decrease.

Week 2: Stir in the morning, wait 5 minutes for precipitation to settle, and consume water.

Week 3: In the morning, stir and immediately drink water mixed with clay.

After that, take a rest. This method of bodily cleaning may be repeated 2-4 times a year.

Maximum nutrition with the least amount of waste

The whole spectrum is represented by herbal teas, green foods, digestive enzymes, and other vitamins and minerals. Apart from detoxifying, it may be used to help the body maintain an appropriate weight and equilibrium. If you eat high-quality meals that produce less toxic waste, your body’s toxicity level will be lower, and your life’s quality will increase.


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