Celebrity Diet that Defeats Disease and Fat!
Celebrity Diet that Defeats Disease and Fat!

On one of his latest broadcasts, Dr. Mehmet Oz emphasized the advantages of an alkaline diet.

Celebrity Diet Against Disease and Obesity!

Dr. Oz said that acidic meals might cause a buildup of acid in the body, leaving you susceptible to weight gain and sickness.

It is irrelevant whether these meals taste acidic; it is the acidic impact that might create problems after consumption. Lemon is the finest example. Although it seems to be sour, once digested, it exerts an alkaline effect on the body.

Dr. Oz featured nutritionist Ashley Koff, author of Mom Energy, on his program. Koff said that we might all benefit from eating more alkaline-promoting meals and less acid-forming meals to help in illness prevention and weight loss.

To achieve an 80 percent alkaline diet, you must abstain from dairy, pork, wheat, and grains. Eliminating these foods reduces the likelihood of illness breeding in an acidic environment. Those who have been vocal proponents of the alkaline diet, such as Victoria Beckham, believe that consuming 80 percent alkaline and 20% acidic foods is the best balance for optimum health, decreased inflammation, and weight loss.

According to Koff, the following are some of the most acidic foods to avoid:

– Carbohydrates that have been refined, such as wheat and pasta.

– Buttery and cheesy with high-fat content.

– Animal proteins, such as those found in red meat and poultry.

In comparison, Koff asserts that the following foods are alkaline-forming and beneficial to health:

-acid fruits, such as lemons and limes -tropical fruits, such as papaya and mangoes -green vegetables, such as avocado, celery, and parsley -gluten-free grains, such as quinoa -spices, such as cinnamon and ground ginger

An example meal for an alkaline-food diet appears as follows:

Breakfast. Scrambled eggs (promotes acidity) with spinach (promotes alkalinity) and a 1⁄2 grapefruit (alkaline).

Dr. Oz recommends the following approach for reducing the acidity in your diet: Before eating an acid-producing dish, drink a cup of water with lemon (such as ice cream or chocolate). It will significantly reduce acid excess.


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