Werewolf Diet
Werewolf Diet

According to legend, a full moon may drive a person insane – or, on rare occasions, transform a man into a wolf.

According to legend, you can grow thin and mean by scheduling your diet around the moon’s phases.

Lousy Food: ‘Werewolf Diet’ Attracting a Pack of Celebrities

Folks, if this isn’t the end of the world as we know it, it’s certainly the beginning of our Twilight!

Who, then, would fall for such nonsense? Firstly, there’s Madonna and Demi Moore. According to press sources, these two women have many fur-weather friends who think the moon phases might have a favorable effect on their diet.

It’s frightening that a diet that purports to help you grow thin and mean via moon power has amassed a following.

How is this intended to operate in the first place?

The principle is simple: eat according to the lunar phases. The diet’s “science”: just as the moon affects ocean tides, it likewise affects how your body eliminates pollutants. You abstain from eating and drink just water for 24 hours during a new or full moon. For those with less grit, vegetable juice and maybe a piece of fruit might be substituted.

What self-respecting werewolf would eat fruit? It sounds suspiciously like a juice detox dressed up as a wolf!

As you pass the full moon and enter the so-called waning moon, you maintain a balanced diet and drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

You were taught (hmmm, possibly by a Gypsy lady with a crystal ball?) to eat less under the waxing moon, to avoid sweets like the plague, and to cease eating at 6 p.m.

“It’s another popular weight-loss trick that’s going to be worthless in the long term and is based on no research,” said Dr. Charlie Seltzer, a board-certified obesity expert.

“The weight loss that occurs as a result of these exercises is entirely water weight loss. True fat loss occurs over a much longer period, and it is medically impossible to lose (the claimed) six pounds of fat in a single day.”

There is some evidence that intermittent fasting may help you live a longer life. That is, however, throughout a lifetime.

While we love staring at the full moon just as much as the next person, we would never anticipate this starry night light to assist us in becoming more enlightened.

Our suggestion for weight loss is to avoid wolfing down your meal and to stay active. You never know when an actual werewolf may surprise you.


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